Track 1 – The spatiality of the city as a basis of transformation

Track co-ordinator: Dr. Paula Russell, University College Dublin

The spatial structures of cities are shaped by historical legacies and by the continuous need to balance economic (growth), social (justice), and environmental goals. These goals are balanced (or prioritized) in public policy-making. In this respect cities are much more than implementers of centrally designed policies as, no matter how strong the central state, local actors find ways of actively shaping policies and, consequently, spatial change. This track explores spatial change in cities and associated territorial conflicts. Papers dealing with challenges to the spatial development of urban areas either dealing with the pressures of growth or the difficulties associated with shrinkage will be welcomed; as will those dealing with the changing nature of spatial planning in urban areas. Other areas that the track will focus on include the role of various actors in shaping spatial change in urban areas – both the role of private capital and the potential for civil society to shape urban space. Other topics that are open for exploration are the global consequences of inter-city competition, as well as the manner in which spatial change triggers other transformations in cities.