Updates September 16

The full final version of the EURA 2015 Programme Web September, as well as the EURA 2015 Book of abstracts are online. We are trying to keep this conference as green as possible, therefore the book of abstracts will only be available in electronic format. We kindly ask participants to download it.

There are also a few announcements we need to make.

This year, during the Sibiu general assembly, EURA elects its new governing board. EURA members will find detailed informations about the governing board elections on the conference website.

The conference programme contains a How to publish your paper? session, co-organised by Taylor & Francis and Urban Research & Practice, the EURA journal. Sarah Bird from T&F and Rob Atkinson, the editor of Urban Research & Practice will respond to questions. Our younger colleagues are encouraged to use this opportunity.

The computers we will use for presentations use Ubuntu Linux. In order to make sure your presentations look exactly as planned we would like to kindly ask you to also have a pdf version of the presentation.


Pre-registration for special events

Registration for the documentary film screening and the mobile workshops is now closed, as logistical arrangements require that we know an exact number of participants. Thank you for understanding!

Dear all,

The conference programme we sent out contains a few special events, namely the mobile workshops scheduled on Sunday, a very special documentary film screening on Saturday night and a pre-conference reception on Thursday. We kindly ask you to pre-register for these special events.We would also like to ask you to specify your dietary preferences.

In order to do so please follow the link below:


Details about the events are included in the programme, as well as in the online form.